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Connect the dots so Andy can get home!

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Andy Kaufman told at least FIFTEEN people that he planned to fake his death:

Bob Zmuda
Michael Kaufman
Carol Kaufman
George Shapiro
Lynne Margulies
Bob Tischler
Barry Blaustein
David Sheffield
John Moffitt
Jack Burns
Jeff Conaway
Alan Abel
Bob Pagani
Jerry Lawler
Mimi Lambert

Most of his closest friends think he could have.
Some of these people say they helped him do it.

Is Bob pulling one over on us?
Is Bob pulling one over on us?

Andy Kaufman, The Truth Finally

Andy was diagnosed with large cell carcinoma in November 1983.
This form of lung cancer is aggressive with high mortality rates.
Andy was a non-smoking vegetarian health nut since his 20s.
He told friends it was eating chocolate that gave him cancer.
When asked if he was really sick, he never gave a straight answer.
He didn’t tell his family until near the very end.

He visited a quack clinic in a Hollywood strip mall that was open only a few years.
The holistic doctors allegedly treated his left arm with radiation.
He said he was told to flush out the disease with tea and fasting.
He consequently lost many pounds, looking like a typical cancer patient.
His girlfriend Lynne admits she shaved his head. He kept his chest hair.

In March, Andy flew to the Philippines for psychic surgery.
It has been debunked as medical fraud, entirely placebo effect.
A healer claims to remove disease from the body with his hands.
It is a sleight-of-hand trick using chicken blood and guts as tumors.
Andy was obsessed with magic, carnival, and illusion.
He learned to levitate, swallow swords, and more.
He had to know that this was fake.

Jun Labo performing
Jun Labo performing “psychic surgery”
Are you buying it??

Dr. Rubins projected that he would not live past 1984.
Andy had a passport that did not expire until 1986.
This should have been sufficient for his trip, which was only a few weeks.
Canceled early, the replacement was good until 1994, another ten years.
His death certificate says he passed on May 16, 1984 at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Canceled in '84 but good until '86

Good until '94
He needed one to last ten years after he was expected to die?  For a short trip?

Four years before he announced his illness, he wrote a screenplay where his character dies of cancer in Cedars Sinai Hospital and reappears alive at the end. He pitched the movie to Universal Pictures, but eventually got dismissed.

The Tony Clifton Story Script

Andy Kaufman’s social security number is not listed in the Social Security Administrations death index.
His SSN is still active and has listed many addresses over the past thirty years.
None of these belong to his relatives, their companies, or the family estate.

death certificate

>>> Death certificates are occasionally used to fake a person’s death for insurance fraud and to evade law enforcement officials or irate relatives. “Official” Los Angeles County death certificates, for example, were readily available in the mid-1990s for between $500 and $1,000 each. For fraudulent purposes, people have often used death certificates from remote nations and from countries in turmoil. <<<

“Andy changed the face of comedy forever by lurching across boundaries that no one knew existed. He was the boy who made life his playground and never stopped playing, even when the games proved too dangerous for others.  And in the end he would play alone, just as he had when it was all only beginning.

In Lost in the Funhouse, Bill Zehme sorts through a life of disinformation put forth by a master of deception to uncover the motivation behind the manipulation.”


His career includes a series of pranks and hoaxes.
He was always looking to be legendary.
What is real? What is fake?
That’s the Andy way.

You can keep your warped sense of humor here for a few years, YOU BUM!


Tatarsky, Alexandra

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Michael seemed to believe it
Michael seemed to believe it

Alexandra Tatarsky was the young woman who appeared at the Andy Kaufman Awards in 2013, claiming to be Andy’s daughter.
She was brought on stage by Andy’s brother, who talked about a mysterious letter he received a few years back, that he believed was from Andy.

At least two of the people recognized her from the “On Creating Reality” Andy Kaufman exhibit at the Maccarone Gallery in NYC 2013.

Bob Pagani:
I have no desire to get into the middle of the controversy between Lynne [Margulies] and the Kaufmans. I have to say, however, that I’m confused by the thing with Michael and Andy’s “missing daughter.” Since the incident at the Awards last year, Michael has said things that seem to imply that he was duped by the young woman who claimed to be the daughter. I don’t see how that can be possible as she worked at the art gallery that hosted the exhibition about Andy last year which Michael and I were guests at (as was Lynne too). He and I both met her there. I recognized her immediately when I saw her on TV claiming to be Andy’s daughter. The logical conclusion would be that Michael and she cooked up the idea. No crime was committed so I don’t understand why he would deny that.

Lon Osgood (husband of Margulies):
I recognized her [Tatarsky] as well, she’s actually a very lovely soul.

Michael Kaufman:

I wasn’t happy before I met her [Tatarsky], but I think she was not— I was just going to say I don’t think she was in on it, but then again, maybe she was playing with me that night we met. Who knows? But it sounded like she was also, at least what she portrayed to me that night, that she was also hoaxed.

How could she have been hoaxed??

Margulies, Lynne

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Lynne with Andy in the Philippines shortly before he died
Lynne with Andy in the Philippines shortly before he died

Andy dated artist/actress Lynne Margulies during the last two years of his life, but they had an open relationship. 
She accompanied him to the Philippines for his psychic surgery cancer treatment by Jun Labo

“When we moved into the house in Pacific Palisades in 1984, Andy suggested we get married. I told him we should wait until he got better.”

Margulies says that she suspected Andy was bi after he insisted on moving to the Castro District. He would disappear for hours claiming he was working on his book in a coffee shop. She also confirmed that he preferred women with a male build, particularly body builders.

She says Andy had an erection after wrestling Lawler. She also confirmed that he liked his women to “play dead.”
She says that while overseas for treatmentAndy admitted to her and Zmuda that he was gay.

“Only the book’s co-author doesn’t think he’ll be coming back. Margulies writes that a friend told her Kaufman moved to San Francisco after faking his death, only to die of AIDS a few years later.”

People with AIDS are likely to die of cancer, pneumonia, and hepatitis, all illnesses Andy allegedly had.

“We used to discuss the proper — you know, I thought he was just kidding — but what would be the ‘proper’ amount of time to go away for, after he ‘died.’ And at first it was 10 years, but then he decided, No, 10 years wasn’t enough. Twenty years would be good. Ten years — he could see someone going away for that long. But 20 years… Or even a year. But who would even think of doing it in the first place? …He always said just ‘go away.’ …He’d just… disappear. …Aruba. That’s where Andy used to talk about going.”

“I used to get really mad at him,” Lynne tells me. “I mean, I’d get really, really mad at him. I’d say, ‘You’re gonna talk yourself into getting cancer.’ …Just in normal conversation. Like, I remember one time I was talking about a friend of mine who was dying of cancer.

And Andy said, ‘Yeah, well, you’ll see. That’ll be me, too.’ Or he’d go to the doctor, you know, to get a checkup. And he’d say, ‘Okay, okay, tell me. I’ve got cancer, right?’ And the doctor would say, ‘Andy, you’re perfectly healthy.’ He was obsessed with it.”

“Everything he did was designed to confuse or piss people off.” 

“Andy made me promise to get his work out into the world so that he wasn’t forgotten, so people would see his work as a whole and recognize what he was doing, which they didn’t do while he was alive.”

She released the “Andy and his Grandmother” audio tapes where you can hear a brainstorming session with Zmuda about the death hoax.

Margulies, who doesn’t appear on the tapes, as they were recorded before her relationship, also thinks Kaufman could still be alive and “pranking people, but, just not looking like himself.” She also agrees that the guy in the black and white footage doesn’t look anything like an older Andy. “Andy was a purist and if he was going to fake his own death, he would go all the way with it.”

As far as Maddox being Andy’s illegitimate son, Margulies says, “I don’t know the guy. I assume it’s a fan out of control, but it’s a fan who loves keeping the Andy mystery alive, which is the beauty of Andy.”

Also, Margulies says, Kaufman’s Taxi residual are being ‘sent to his parents’ address.”

“I was in the hospital room. I was there. They would have had to switch bodies.”

Lynne Margulies has a song on her new album called “Watch the Illusions” written by her brother Steve. She wrote a poem called “Howl” that discusses her emotional pain after Andy passed.

Lynne also owns a number of web domains, many registered 2014, under her old art studio address (she now lives in South Beach, OR. is one.

A fair amount of evidence in the books point to this continent [the land of oz] as being envisioned as somewhere in the southern Pacific Ocean. An argument against the South Pacific is that the seasons in Oz are shown as the same seasons in the United States at the same time. In addition, in The Wishing Horse of Oz, Pigasus follows the North Star when he flies to Thunder Mountain, which could only be done in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ruth Plumly Thompson asserts in her first Oz book, The Royal Book of Oz, that the language of Oz is English, which also suggests European or American influence.

Palm trees grow outside the Royal Palace in the Emerald City, and horses are not native to Oz, illustrations and descriptions of round-shaped and domed Ozite houses suggest a non-Western architecture.

Hmm island in the pacific in the Northern Hemisphere that shares American culture…. Hawaii?

From Andy Kaufman Lives archives:

“I equate my “Game Plan’ to a Big Ole Octopus with each person or scenario being an arm” he said, “No one arm knew what the other arms were up to or doing.  I was the head and made the arms move to and fro so to speak. (I think this is where the Wizzard name came from. The Wizard of Oz got to hide behind the curtain and pull the strings to make the “arms” move about.)  It’s still one of my favorite movies and on point.”


I Faked My Own Death – Plan A: Wizzard of Oz

Kaufman, Andy

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Uncle Andy's Funhouse
Uncle Andy’s Funhouse

The funeral took place on May 19, 1984, three days after his death.
Services were at the Nassau Funeral Home in Great Neck, NY (his hometown)
Wrestler “Classy” Freddy Blassie sat front row, at Andy’s request.
Many of his friends chose not to attend, expecting another prank.
He is buried in Section One-4 of Beth David cemetery in Elmont, NY.

Andy Kaufman’s social security number is not listed in the Social Security Administrations death index.
His SSN is still active and has listed many addresses over the past twenty years.

Four years before he announced his illness, he wrote a screenplay where his character dies of cancer in Cedars Sinai Hospital and comes back later.
The Tony Clifton Story Script

Andy wrote his “last will and testament” on the eve of his 13th birthday, and again backstage the Letterman Show in 1982. Robert Morton, Barry Sand, and Sandra Farton witnessed the signing.

After his diagnosis, Andy told manager Shapiro that he wanted to go on Letterman one more time. When he would be asked what he got for Christmas, Andy planned to respond, “Cancer.” Andy died before he had this opportunity.

Initially, the comedian began joking that he was going to lie about dying because he ate too much chocolate, but he later changed his mind and pretended to be dead for cancer. “Maybe I’ll just stick with cancer,” he was quoted as saying.

Then, he decided to stick with cancer and when he started coughing repeatedly, Zmuda told him “Stop with the coughing already – I think it’s a dead giveaway,” to which Andy Kaufman answered, “I don’t know. Everyone seems to believe it.”

In November 1983 (six months before death), Andy appeared as quack Dr. Vinnie Boombatz on the Rodney Dangerfield Special. His character smoked, and there was a gag about a casket being moved, with the body left behind.

death certificate

Death certificates are occasionally used to fake a person’s death for insurance fraud and to evade law enforcement officials or irate relatives. “Official” Los Angeles County death certificates, for example, were readily available in the mid-1990s for between $500 and $1,000 each. For fraudulent purposes, people have often used death certificates from remote nations and from countries in turmoil.

In 2004, to keep his name and legacy vibrant, [the family] instituted The Andy Kaufman Award for promising comedians. And in 2010, they signed with CMG Worldwide, which, among other things, got the website, which Universal had set up for “Man on the Moon,” for the estate.

Grandma Pearl was the one who really piqued his interest in sports by taking Andy to pro wrestling matches at Madison Square Garden and the Commack Arena. Watching “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, Killer Kowalski and Bruno Sammartino.

She would also take him to Coney Island and into the city, where Andy stood in front of Hubert’s Museum and Flea Circus, a freak show in Times Square, and marveled at “Turko the Half Man.”

Andy graduated from high school in 1967 and received a 4-F deferment (“paranoid schizophrenic with psychotic tendencies”) from the military draft after failing the psychological portion of the test.
Lynne Margulies, Andy’s last girlfriend, said that he was one of the most mentally healthy people she has known.

She recently revealed that Andy was bisexual.
His writer, Bob Zmuda says Andy preferred bigger, muscular girls who were more equipped for wrestling.
He also speculates that satisfied his gay fantasies. Some people in the Castro District think Andy died of AIDS.

Andy allegedly slept with all the 42 girls at the Mustang Ranch Brothel. He was also friends with Ron Jeremy (porn star), Hugh Hefner (Playboy), and Dennis Hof (Bunny Ranch Brothel). Hof gave free “dates” for everyone with a ticket stub to the Dead or Alive show. Hof later named one of the rooms at his bordello after Kaufman.

An anonymous prostitute from the Mustang Ranch told Zmuda that Andy was an “ass bandit” who was bi. She also reported that the other sex workers would gossip about how he always wanted the girls to lay flat on their stomachs, motionless, as to resemble a young man.

“If Bob Zmuda says Andy Kaufman is dead — and he does — then I believe him.” – Joe Conforte (Mustang Ranch)

Andy loved bombing. He always kept face. He was raised on kay fabe and carnival.

Andy hired cops to bust up his gigs.

His alter-ego Tony Clifton, the sleazy Vegas lounge singer, (sometimes performed by Zmuda or Andy’s brother Michael) was escorted out of Taxi rehearsal by studio security.

He played homeless outside his Carnegie Hall show holding “Andy Kaufman=Antichrist” sign. Michael performed as Tony Clifton for that event.

Kaufman appeared alongside the singer Deborah Harry in the ill-fated Broadway play Teaneck Tanzi: The Venus Flytrap, which closed after only two performances in April 1983.

Andy told no less than FIFTEEN people that he planned to fake his death.

Many more friends think he could have, and would have.